Wiral Cable Cam

Wiral Cable Cam Price

In the next installment of professional cinematography equipment being brought to the people in an affordable and approachable way, we have the Wiral Cable Cam. This clever device is a cable cam that you can setup for smooth flying shots that don’t require a drone. Drones are fun and functional, but you can fly one through an occupied car without risking damage to the people in it. You can’t easily fly one in a room. There are just times when a cable cam makes the most sense (like when it might take a million takes and you don’t want to spend cash or time on batteries). It sets up easy, is easily controlled, and gives you silky smooth shots. One catch is that filming in the direction you’re headed will include the cable. You can digitally remove it, crop it, or just leave it and let everyone know you’ve got some fun camera tech. There’s still time to pick one up for a pledge of $189.

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