Waterproof Kindle Oasis

Gotta give it up to Kindle for continuing to dominate the e-reader market – this time with a waterproof version. That’s not the only feature that has us drooling, though. The screen is an inch larger at 7″ with a 300 ppi screen resolution so you can read even more like real paper which has zero glare. Audible is built in so you can sync your entire library no matter how you want to get the story. The design is thin and light so you can comfortably hold the Kindle for as long as the battery lasts, which is said to be weeks. The storage on the device is increased to 8GB or even 32GB. So putting all the pieces together – the brand new Waterproof Kindle Oasis lets us read whenever and wherever we want from floating down the river or lounging at the beach to reading on the plane and listening while driving. $250 gets you the Kindle that’s ready for your next adventure. 

Get it.