Volta Wooden Computer

Volta Wooden Computer Price

Volta is a new sustainably sourced wooden desktop computer. The sustainability factor goes beyond the case as well, in that the components are made to be easily accessed and therefore replaced or upgraded. Seriously though, why are we always buying new computers when we can often upgrade parts cost-efficiently? I suppose most people don’t know how to upgrade or with what, but the Volta at least solves one of those problems by making everything accessible without needing a screwdriver. The units, which look like a minimalist monitor stand with a drawer, sits a little off your desk, so you can slide your keyboard underneath when you’re done.

The specs vary as this is made by Compter Direct Outlet, a custom rig shop, but pricing starts at $1,999 for the basic unit and goes up to $3,025 and higher for the unlocked and overclocked versions. Whichever price point you start with and how you customize it, you’re looking at solid components that will deliver solid performance for most users.

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