Uvify Draco Racing Drone Price

We’ve reached a point where the vast majority of drones being released are weak copies of existing products already available, but the Draco from UVify is an actual unique product. It is a racing drone that is ready-to-fly right out of the box. And, when I say fly, I’m talking about 75+ mph. speeds, 360 degree flips, sharp turns, barrel rolls, and somersaults. You can hot swap the battery, and the carbon fiber shell is modular so you can customize for your conditions or race or just replace busted parts. What’s better is that it has the incredible capability of streaming high quality video to your first person view goggles, so you can actually navigate without crashing as often. There is loads of custom tech to help this fantastic little drone outperform in multiple areas while still coming in at just $550, which is a great price for a drone this good. You can preorder this one now and get excited for an HD version that will stream HD video to your FPV that will be coming out next.

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