Touchscreen Smart Mirror

NEED NEED NEED! That’s really all that I can process right now. I really need this Touchscreen Smart Mirror by Mues-Tec. Mostly, I want to invite my Mom over to see it in my bathroom and be like, “Mom, I made it.” She’d laugh at me and give me a lesson on life not being about material things and blah blah but seriously – this mirror is what technology is all about for entertainment purposes. Features include a hidden camera, built-in speakers, bluetooth, voice control and a smart body analyzer system to connect with smart scales and other amazing technology I have yet to own. It’s all powered by a 8 core Processor CPU with integrated WiFi and LAN. I’m shocked by the price to be honest – it’s only $3,175. Yes, that’s a lot of money but this is technology that I never thought I would be able to afford. What a time to be alive.

Get it.