Tinke Health Tracker

Tinke Health Tracker Price Cost

With wearables all the rage right now and Apple’s watch about to release it’s kind of refreshing to see a serious health tracker that is a non-wearable and has nothing to do with the number of steps you lug your feet to. The Tinke, made by Zensorium, measures your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and your hear rate variability. If you’ve ever been in the hospital or spent time visiting you’ll recognize a few of these as the vital signs that are monitored 24/7. So, it’s not surprising that the smart medical and tech folks at Zensorium have chosen them to be the tools their device uses to measure your health and create a Vita (health) Index and a Zen (stress) index. With the companion app you can of course see the stats tracked over time, but these two indices give you a peek into your overall health, which I think we could all use.

Because you don’t wear it, you do have to think about scanning your thumb to get the readings, which I assume is best done at the same time everyday. This kind of tool would be great for someone working through health issues, but could also be a good tool for setting and reaching goals for your fitness and stress levels, both of which are real determining factors in how long you get to stay above ground on this fair planet of ours. For $119 it is a justifiable spend for anyone.

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