Sonder e-Ink Keyboard

Sonder Keyboard Price Cost E-Ink keyboard

The Sonder Keyboard is one of those things that we’re going to look back at in 50 years and chuckle at how it brought us out of the stone age. The Sonder Keyboard, which our reader Andy Carter tipped us off to, is a sleek keyboard that lets you change the function of most of its keys. The standards will all be stock and fixed, but pretty much all the letter and “f” keys can be modified for gaming, short cuts for work, etc. Okay, you can do that now, but what you can’t do is have those presets actually show on the key as what they are. Type in all WingDings and want to know what is what, the keys can show that. Think you’re better than everyone and can type in multiple alphabets? It can switch to showing you the other alphabet. What I like about the Sonder Keyboard, as well as all my favorite things, is that they didn’t stop at the unique feature. The keyboard is designed well throughout with solid construction, clean look, lighted keys, and bluetooth connectivity.  You can pre-order now for $199. Whether they sell a million of these or not, I hope they at least get rich licensing it to the major players so the tech can be on every keyboard.

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