Solar Gaps Solar Blinds

If only there were giant holes in our walls where sunlight can shine through and provide free electricity. Oh wait, we all have a ton of those and finally, someone was smart enough to design solar panels that can replace the cheap Ikea blinds you have in the window now. These solar blinds can supposedly generate 100-150W of renewable energy per 10 sq. ft., which is enough to power 30 LED light bulbs or 3 MacBooks. Get a wall of them facing south and you’re in business. How exactly these will tie into your home’s electrical panel, I’m not sure, but if you’re excited enough about it to give it a try, you can pledge $390 now to get a 50% off coupon for a purchase after the campaign when the solar blinds are ready to ship. With as many window sizes as there are out there, it would be too hard to specify in the campaign for an exact window size.

Get it.