Smart Watch Buckle

When you want your professional life to meet your fitness life – you get the Smart Watch Buckle. Two guys with impressive backgrounds came together and made an extremely impressive product. It seems almost obvious that technology should go the route they took so I’m happy to see it done. I haven’t personally used the Smart Buckle watch but I feel pretty good about the probability of it working perfectly. Down to the buckle itself: simply switch out the current buckle on your watch with this smart buckle and then sync with the iOS or Android app to get real time stats on everything you’re used to seeing with tracker watches including motion and sleep. The buckle has a high grade stainless steel finish that will look great (or just regular) on just about any 20mm width leather or rubber strap timepiece, including the most expensive watch you own. You can hop on the Kickstarter campaign with a pledge of $39 for the stainless steel version or you can up your pledge to $49 for gun metal or $59 for rose gold. Technology meets life in the best way which then meets price and we’re just down right impressed.

Get it.