Shift Auto Drone Tracker

Shift targegt lock drone auto drone camera follow by Perceptiv Labs

Drone technology makes it super accessible to the average Joe compared to RC planes, Military style drones, real airplanes, etc., all of which also give you that indirect or direct feeling of flight, but if you’ve ever tried to catch the perfect shot of your buddy landing the perfect trick or eating a curb Russian sandwich style, you know it isn’t easy to pilot the drone and man the camera. To save you from having two operators, Shift by Perceptiv labs has an upgrade kit that lets you target something or someone with the camera then fly the drone, knowing the target will stay locked on. Sounds cool to me, but all I can think of is an aerial battle bots with missiles that can lock on to targets. Who’s with me? The basic kit is $599 and there is even a package that comes with a DJI Phantom for $1649.

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