Samsung ‘The Wall’ 146-inch 8K TV

Samsung unveiled a TV so big that they decided to call it The Wall. Not surprised but totally impressed. At CES 2017 we were thoroughly amazed with the rapid changes in the television industry and blown away by each manufacture’s capabilities, especially when we saw the various tvs we might actually be able to afford in the near future. So back to The Wall – it’s a 146-inch 8k capable beast. It uses MicroLEDs to give incredible brightness with effectiveness and efficiency. The tv is bezel-less which allows it to change in size to your heart’s desires. Samsung really focused on how televisions are more than just watching entertainment these days – they are a central hub to your home. No purchasing info available yet but if you’re in the market to buy one, we’ll help you track down the price and make sure the viewing experience is pristine.

Get it.