Saber Portable Charger

If anyone understands the need for a well made, reliable portable charger – it’s me. I use one almost daily (that online marketing life). If you’ve been reading Upscout for a while, you know I’ve been using a GoPuck for almost a year now and absolutely love it. The only thing that’s crossed my mind while using it is that I wish I could charge my Surface Pro, even for just 2 minutes while I finish a project. Enter the Saber Portable Charger. Not only does it have two USB ports and a USB-C but it also has a Variable AC outlet. Take that even a step farther as it can charge via all those ports at once. Mind. Blown. Use the accompanying app to monitor usage in real time as well as set notifications. Once it’s dead, charge it back up in 2 hours and put it back to use.  It’s drop, shockproof, water and dust resistant so it’s ready to hit the road, trail or all day conferences with you. A $199 pre-order gets a Saber in your hands later this year. While I haven’t had on hands experience with the Saber, I can imagine I’d rave it about it to anyone who listens just as I do with my GoPuck.

Get it.