Red Hydrogen One Holographic Phone

RED Hydrogen One Holograph Phone Price

RED Digital Cinema is well known for their high-end cameras that are used in some of the biggest blockbusters and sporting events. Now, they have announced a camera system that is for the people and it comes in a phone…and it does holograms without any kind of special glasses, etc. They’re calling it the Hydrogen One. It’s a full-featured multi-band unlocked smartphone that will operate on Android, but the real dinger is the fact that it has a 5.7 in. professional hydrogen holographic display that seamlessly switches between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view, 3D content, and interactive games, all without special glasses, goggles, etc. It is being designed with modularity in mind, so that it can accommodate future components. I like the sound of that because RED is almost certainly going to work on awesome new tech in the future for this platform. You can pre-order an aluminum version for $1,195 or a $1,595 titanium version.Their new “media machine” could be the start of a splintering of the smartphone market to specialize in phones with super high tech features that appeal to niche markets. I’m excited!

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