Printrbelt Continuous 3D Printer

Printrbelt adds a whole new angle to 3D printing swapping out the standard frame for a tilted 45-degree angle. That lets them add a belt drive z-axis so you can continuously build parts for as long as the filament lasts. As it prints, it moves the belt to have the parts slide towards the other end where they pop off and drop into whatever receptacle you’re collecting them in. This is great because you can queue up a list of small parts, walk away and have them print while you’re gone. No need to run multiple printers to get a handful of parts. Now, obviously, there are questions that come up with a print head on an angle like this and how it might affect strange shapes, big overhangs, leveling, etc. I don’t know the answers. I’m just thrilled by the idea of having a potentially limitless z-axis. It runs $1,699 and is a collaboration between Printrbot and Polar3D.

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