Pouncer Aid Delivery Drone

While Dominoes and Amazon figure out how to get you bread sticks and diapers by drone. Windhorse Aerospace is working on delivering emergency aid to those most in need and in danger. The Pouncer drone can carry a payload of about 110 lbs. which would be enough for 50 man day rations for Asia and Africa or 40 man day rations for Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. The drone would be launched as far as 21 miles away from an aircraft then fly to within 7 meters of their target site. There’s no need for someone to control it, as it autonomously finds its way to those in need. The Pouncer will have a wingspan of about 9 ft. and carry all kinds of food, but that’s not its only use. Once the food has been removed, you can use the parts for shelter, cooking, providing heat, and whatever other creative thing the desperate can come up with. Essentially, it’s disposable but not wasteful and has the potential to save thousands of lives. Well done Windhorse team. This isn’t something you’ll be picking up to launch a burrito to your friend across town, but if you’re the humanitarian sort with means and a cause, each unit costs about $650.

Get it.