Polycade Modern Retro Console Kickstarter Price

Retro gaming doesn’t have to mean a big old school piece of furniture in the corner of the room. The Polycade looks like an emulator gaming setup that Apple would build or at least allow to be on the walls of its offices. It has two 8-directional joysticks for multiplayers and one 4-directional joystick for classic titles. It ships with over 90 games and is capable of playing thousands more. It ships with a 28 in. monitor but you can get the builder pack and put it together yourself with whatever size monitor you want. It’s all run off of a Raspberry Pi 2 MOdel B and has an 8g SD card, which should be plenty of room for these kinds of games. You can get it in one of six colors or an old school vinyl wrap. I dig the all white. The ready to play version will run you about $1,500.

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