Panl1 Speakers by Vetr

Panl1 Thinnest Speakers by Vettr

These incredible speakers are only 1.3mm thick carbon on stainless steel stands and sound amazing. Two brothers, an engineer and a designer, in Phoenix decided that speakers could look better, be thinner and sound better without breaking the bank. Sketches, brainstorming sessions, and prototypes have brought us to today where we have the Panl1 speakers from their company Vetr. The sound quality from the 132 square inches of sound surface area and custom subwoofer is top notch hi-fi quality ready to rock you up to 115Db. You can connect with Bluetooth to the 48W of power per channel or hard wire to two sources with the included hardware. Average speakers don’t give you near that sound and are big bulky ugly looking bricks. Panl1 speakers are crazy thin and come in multiple color options to make a splash in your office. A remote is included with volume and sound controls to tweak to your liking. Look, here’s the deal, these speakers are beautiful, innovative, and high-quality. What more could you ask for? You can get yours for a pledge to their Indigogo of $249, Run and get yours now!

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