The ŌURA Ring is impressive. It’s basically an activity and sleep tracker that gives you recommendations on how to improve your sleep so you can be more active. That’s the super basic line but this bad boy uses some serious science to give you a great experience.

On the inside of the ring there are 3 little bumps that sense the arteries in your finger which capture 250 samples per second that includes stats like pulse, body temp and activity level. They claim the sleep stages use precision comparable to clinical sleep labs, and well, I believe it. All these stats are collected and arranged for your to view in the app, and like previously mentioned, you get personalized recommendations on how to be a better you.

You don’t need to tell the ring when you’re wearing it, when you’re getting ready to go to bed, when you’re about to work out and so on – it just knows. It’s always on. The built-in battery lasts 2-3 days. It’s made of a highly scratch resistant ceramic zirconia in a ergonomic shape that gives you a comfortable wear whether awake or asleep. It’s waterproof up to 50m so you can live your life with it on.

If you’re not sure which ring size to order, you can first use the sample kit to make sure you’re getting the exact size you want. You can get the ring in white or mirror black for $299 or stealth black for $499. Shipping is 3 days anywhere in the US and you also get the charger.

Get it.