Half of me wants to be this super interesting person that has crazy secrets so tight that I need an impenetrable computer. The other half of me says I don’t want that type of responsibility or the fear that I imagine comes with it. I like my drama-free life where the biggest secret I have is in regards to the snacks I eat when everyone in the house is asleep. Regardless, privacy is important and ORWL will ensure you get just that. It’s an open source computer that uses secure NFC protection and requires your password and the keyfob to access. ORWL itself is small and easy to transport with you. If the keyfob goes more than 10 meters from the device, it will go into lock mode – same with attempts to access. Immediate lock down. The computer itself can support HDMI 4k video with audio, has Bluetooth and USB connections to support external storage, keyboard, mouse, etc. Click through to get the rest of the tech-y details I left out. Prices start at $1,700.

Get it.