Obsidian 3D Printer

You can get your hands on a quality 3D printer for as low as $99 thanks to Kodama’s latest Kickstarter project. The Obsidian 3D Printer is the perfect opportunity to start dabbling in this amazing technology. The $99 version is the Basic that is made without some of the luxuries we like to see in 3D printing but it’s still usable and a great option to learn all about this wonderful technology. It has an easy set up and is “plug and print.” The next level up is the Plus for $149. This is where it starts coming together with an LCD screen and a roll of filament so you can get your project running with ease. Then there’s the Deluxe for $249. This is the total package still at a shocking price. In addition to the LCD screen and roll of filament, you also get a built-in camera, and a heated print bed. The camera will let you see your projects from the app as well as make tweaks to the job which is nice because prints take a long time and having the option to leave while still having control of your project is a huge bonus. The camera will also record time lapses so you can show off your projects. The heated print bed is important because it makes your prints easier to remove with less chance of breaking them as well helps the print finish better because it slows the cooling of the plastic as it prints which avoids warping problems. The firmware is open source code so over time the community will make Obsidian even better. After watching the reviews of this 3D printer and gathering the facts for myself, I’m highly impressed and anxious to get my hands on one. Kodama is a legit company that we know will deliver the product and will work on upgrades in the future. Go pledge!

Get it.