Norton Core Router

The technology we saw at CES this year was spectacular. Mind blowing. Just wow. But I remember the exact moment I said out loud that smart home technology is freaking me out (which I’ve never felt before). It was when I saw the smart outdoor umbrellas. Maybe we’ll post on that another day but I’m still a little haunted by that for some reason. Then it began an entire discussion among us at the Upscout about how important home security is for all these crazy cool smart devices we’re adding to our homes but in reality just adding more access points for digital attacks. Enter the Norton Core Router. They were at CES as well but we didn’t get a chance to visit them but maybe if we did, this smart outdoor umbrella would leave my brain for good! It’s packed with crazy amounts of performance to give you the fastest, most secure internet connection. You can set time access time limits per device and revoke access as needed to users on your network and guest network. Norton also makes it easy to monitor your security when and where you want. In reality, we should all check our security settings fairly often. The best part of all – this thing looks so fricken cool in granite gray and titanium gold! If you’re fast you can pre-order one for $200 then the price jumps to $280 – both of which are great prices.

Get it.