Nokia 3310

Basic has never felt so good – the Nokia 3310 is back baby! It’s redesigned and better than ever while still giving you that classic Nokia you grew to love. I can’t even count how many hours I’ve killed and things I’ve ignored while playing Snake and guess what: there’s an updated version of the game on the new phone. The battery has 22 hours of talk time with a standby time for up to a month so it will really last you as long as you need. It has 2G connectivity for calling and texting which will definitely get you by. There’s an FM radio and MP3 player for music as well as a 2 MP camera with LED flash which are really upgrades and simple additions to make this phone everything you could possibly need (key word need, not want). There’s 16 MB of storage with a MicroSD port for up to 32 GB of extra storage. The screen has a 2.4″ curved, polarized window so you can see it in the sunlight just as easy as the night. Get one in red, yellow, dark blue or grey for only $50 when they’re available. make sure you sign up for alerts when they’re released as I would expect these phones to go quick initially.

Get it.