Nimbus Indestructible Drone

Nimbus Indestructible Drone Price

An indestructible racing drone sounds like just the thing for beginners and experts alike. Check out the video to see just how tough this thing is. They fly it into brick walls, drive over it with a car, and land it in snow then take off without touching it. They don’t even have to replace the props after driving over it! This is definitely not a drone for aerial photography as it doesn’t have a gimbal, has limited motion for the fpvĀ camera and doesn’t come with features like return to home, stable flight, etc. These are lean, light, mean racing machines designed to get to the finish line first and tear around a track, not impress your grandma on Christmas morning. You can get a frame only all the way up to ready-to-fly packages on their Indiegogo campaign, with the latter costing $750.

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