Nerf Target Alarm Clock

When I first came across Christopher Guichet’s Nerf Target Alarm Clock video, I immediately thought of that scene from Step Brothers: did we just become best friends? Yup! And while we haven’t met in person, it’s definitely a mutual friendship – who else would walk you through making your very own version of this awesome clock? Guichet’s custom built LED wall clock used a piezoelectric sensor to detect and respond to only the vibrations delivered by a Nerf dart. It took up his weekends over a 3 month period but looks like a challenging and fun project. Since you can’t buy the clock you’ll have to make one yourself which may be something you can knock out in a couple days or maybe it’s something more long term. Either way, this is a project you can definitely be proud of. Definitely check out his YouTube video below and click through to read more about him and his project on Make.


Get it via Make.