Motiv Activity Tracker Ring

Activity trackers can sometimes feel like a fashion statement or a little too trendy but the Motiv Ring has us feeling like we don’t even care. When you pre-order a ring, they first send you a kit so you can pick the perfect size for whatever finger it will be on. Once you receive it, you can track all your various activities throughout the day. From shower, to work to gym – you can find out how much effort you’re putting in and then follow that up with the appropriate amount of rest. The companion app is only available for iOS right now but it provides all the data you could ever want in a clean, simple layout. The ring has a 3-5 day battery life and charges to full in under 90 minutes. It comes with a USB magnetic keychain charger so you can make sure you’re powered up at all times. Act fast and get your order in for a slate gray or rose gold ring for only $200. This is your opportunity to sport a piece of top notch technology that is extremely useful and the best fashion statement you can make.

Get it.