Lucy Smart Home Assistant

Lucy Home Assistant

L.U.C.Y. is a new smart home assistant trying to make its way into what is becoming a kind of crowded field of home automation assistants. Where Amazon has gone the small incognito device style with Alexa, L.U.C.Y is looking to be a home hub that hides in plain sight. It can be controlled via voice command or touch screen (17 in., 24 in. and 27 in.). It can see with a built in HD camera, hear your voice commands with actions and questions like what’s the weather, turn on the air conditioning, what’s the score, do I have messages, etc. There is a companion app that lets you push grocery lists, etc. to it, but it appears to work on its own operating system, so I don’t think it will have direct integration with Android or iOS devices. That’s an interesting decision considering it will mean they have to create their own apps, and work harder for integrations, but the latter they’ve already started working on specifically for smart home device integration. You can get one in any size for a kickstarter pledge of $449.

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