Love Hulten Datorbox

Love Hulten Databox Gaming PC PRice

I love a good clean design for a powerful computer, especially when it is made from materials you don’t see every day. That’s exactly what the Datorbox is from Love Hulten. It’s a VR-ready 4k video supporting gaming computer that measures just 31 x24x7 cm. It’s housed in a wooden case that makes sure the innards get good air flow. One of those air grills is in a Saturn pattern, which gives the already throw-back box even more retro appeal. The front has a USB and AUX port with six large big bulb-caps. There are plenty of ports in the back though; this is by no means a stripped down computer. They are only making 50, so if you can afford the price tag, just under $2,500, you’ll have to act fast.

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