Jim Beam Smart Decanter

Prepare for mass pandemonium similar to that of trying to get your kid a Hatchimal for a gift – Jim Beam has released a smart decanter that is just as amazing as it sounds. Actually, better than it sounds. There is a compartment that holds your booze and pours on voice command. How is this just barely a thing?! The decanter is voiced by 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe to give you a really good time interacting with it. There are a lot of movies out there where humans fall in love with AI and I can totally understand that now – Jim, as they’re calling the device, will quickly become my best friend. The Jim Beam Smart Decanters are available through pre-order for $35 for a very limited time. They’re calling this the first generation, though, so I’m anxious to see more of these hit the market and get my hands on one.

Get it.