Hive View Indoor Security Camera

You can get a good home security camera just about anywhere from a laundry list of companies and they all function well and show you want you want to see. But something has to be said about companies like Hive Home who are bringing you home security with style at a price we are still comfortable putting out. Hive View Indoor Security Cameras are sleek and modern while giving you the protection you need inside your home. There is a black and brushed copper version as well as a white and champagne gold. You can mount them on a wall, shelf or magnetic mount to get a wide 130° field of view so you ensure you get the coverage you need. Now down to the features – you get the things you’re used to seeing such as 1080p HD live and playback videos, motion detection and smartphone compatibility. You can easily turn the camera on or off so you can ensure privacy when you want it. A unique feature is the ability to grab the camera and set it elsewhere for up to an hour so you can easily monitor the kids or pets from a different spot. There are extended camera history benefits available for a small cost. You can get a single camera for $200 or double up for $340.

Get it.