Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 phone is here and continues to impress us. Just like it’s previous version, the phone has the highest rated smartphone camera on the market. It will help you get the best pictures and selfies without fear of running out of storage thanks to their unlimited cloud storage Google gives you. The camera has grown to be the most important part of a phone these days followed by the means to share them online and with your contacts. Other unique features that make life more exciting are things such as Google Lens. Aim the camera at an object or landmark and instantly get information about it. Then of course you have Google Assistant which is slowly becoming a necessity in my everyday life. Pixel has fun features such as displaying the artist and name of any song it hears which is really cool when you’re in the bookstore and hear a jam you love but don’t make it to Shazam in time to get the details. I haven’t actually used a Google Pixel 2 phone but I am impressed with the details and encourage you to learn more about it if you’re interested in buying. I write this at a time where I’m seriously considering ditching my current Samsung phone for performance issues so you could see an update to this post with first hand experience in the coming weeks. $650 and all this goodness is yours.

Get it.