Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone

The Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone is here to make anyone and everyone an underwater explorer with a drone. It has a 4k camera so you can capture ultra HD 1080p videos and pictures. You can save the footage to the¬†on-board storage or live stream the adventure. It will go up to 100 meters deep with a tethered range of 500 meters so you can send it off and about for quite a distance with a battery that lasts 3 hours. To control the drone you hook your phone into the video-game-like controller which is pretty easy to use along with the quad thrusters and speed of 4 knots. It will go left & right, forward & back, rise & fall and roll so you can really get a great range of motion while cruising underwater. The drone is pretty portable ¬†weighing 6.6 lbs and can fit in a backpack. Gladius is currently fully funded on Indiegogo so your pledge of $625 is a safe bet. It includes the drone, controller, 16GB SD card, 30M tether and wireless buoy. You can upgrade the tether to the 100 meter length for an additional $150 which really seems like a necessity if you’re already buying the drone.