Full Color 3D Printer

XYZ Da Vinci Full Color 3D Printer Price

XYZ Printing has announced a full-color 3D printer that will sell for $3,000 and is available for pre-order right now. It’s called the Davinci Color, and the eventual retail price will be $3,500, so now’s your chance to save $500. It manages the full color without using a bunch of different spools of filament by adding color to the filament as it is extruded using inkjet technology. If I didn’t see the prints, I’d be very skeptical because it sounds to simple to not have been tried before. Because it uses CMYK inket printing, the color options are in the millions. While inkjet printers aren’t known for their reliability and ease of use, but most 3D printer owners are ready and willing to deal with some troubleshooting and part replacement. It’s unclear if the pigment is added throughout the print or just where it will be seen. If it’s the latter, I’m very interested to know how deep the color goes, because that will make a difference over time with parts that see wear or sunlight, etc.

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