Forward Your Scam Emails To Chat Bots

I have a few choice words for email scammers. Not because I’ve fallen victim but because I have heard of many, vulnerable and unsuspecting people that have. Sadly, we can’t stop or punish the scammers because it’s nearly impossible to trace them but we CAN waste their time and hopefully prevent one less person being scammed. Netsafe launched a chat bot that will keep the scammers in an endless loop. They use AI technology that takes on many different personalities so it can very realistically waste their time and keep their hopes high that they caught a fish. And like most AI technology, it learns and grows over time. The company will never use your email so it’s completely safe. And it’s free! Simply forward your spam to┬á and let the games begin. I’d love to keep reaching more examples of the spam and AI convos, the ones in the video were pretty entertaining.

Get it.