Essential Phone

The creator of Android, Andy Rubin, is here with a new phone to blow our minds. The Essential Phone is exactly what you would expect from him – beautifully designed, incredible features and of course no logo – because Android is all about personalization. Most phones are made of aluminium but this phone is made of titanium so it’s tougher and withstands the occasional drop better. It runs the latest Android software so if you’re an Android user you’ll already be pretty familiar with how this phone operates. There are a few other things setting it apart from the Galaxy brand, though. There is a 13MP rear camera that has features to really step up your phone photography game. The front facing camera is 8MP with 4K recording. Rubin and his team have also developed a 360 camera that is so easy to use – you snap it onto the phone to use just as it was attached anyway. The phone is available in black, grey, white and deep green for $699 or you can bundle with the 360 camera for $749. It comes unlocked so you can use it with any carrier. Overall, I would say if you’re ready to try something other than Galaxy or iPhone – this is a win. Click through to see the rest of the features.

Get it.