I imagine that if the crew from Star Trek were to land on Earth with the intent of staying for a while, they’d bring a few of these. We might chuckle at the futuristic look that would stand out like a sore thumb in any natural environment, but then we’d be amazed at their technology. The Ecocapsule is a roughly 14 foot by 7 foot by 7 foot pod being called the “first truly independent micro-home” by its creator Nice Architects out of Slovakia. It sports a wind turbine that can put out 750 watts and solar panels that can put out 600 watts, while the harvested rainwater is filtered by membranes in its upper surface. It’s extra insulated, has all necessary living spaces, including a bathroom and can even charge your electric car. They haven’t announced a price yet, but they have moved past prototypes and say they are producing final product. Don’t expect it to be a budget item.

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