Die With Me App

Die With Me is a clever new app that will make the last few moments before your phone dies somewhat entertaining. Of course that’s only in situations where you’re not using your phone for directions or on an important call. No one knows the pain of a dying phone more than someone else currently in the situation. The app essentially puts you in a chat room with people who all have 5% battery or less. In those last few moments of life, anything goes. Spill your heart to a stranger in the same situation. Just try it and see what happens. I read somewhere they may try to make the conversations into a book at some point – so there’s even more incentive to make your final typed words in that moment as memorable as possible. You can download the app in the App Store or on Google Play. Die With Me is the brain child of the uniquely talented Dries Depoorter. His media art focuses on the internet, privacy, online identity and surveillance and is completely worth checking out.

Get it.