Davek Smart Umbrella

Davek Smart Reminder Umbrella

I like the direction some of the Internet of Things products are headed. This umbrella by Davek is a good example mostly because they’re using the technology for just what you need and not a bunch of extras. This umbrella will let you know, when you need to know, that you might want to take it along with you because rain is coming. There’s no social media, you don’t post to facebook to let other people know you brought your umbrella. It just easily and simply connects to your phone to alert you when you’ll need it. This isn’t some one-off idea from someone who forgot and got wet. Davek has a long list of features of its umbrellas. They take weather protection serious. Even if the smart umbrella ($79 preorder, $99 retail) isn’t your thing, the rest of their line is worth a look.

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