Cubiio Laser Engraver

If you’ve read the headline and you’ve seen the picture, there’s not much more I need to say. Head over to Kickstarter and back the┬áCubiio Laser Engraver that has already blown away it’s funding goal and is in the millions right now. If you’re still reading and not hitting “back this project” then I suppose I shall continue with the details. Cubiio is a compact laser engraver that you can literally take anywhere and engrave on almost anything except metal. Their video has to be one of the better ones I’ve seen and explains the product well. The laser is controlled by an app where you can either chose a picture you’ve taken, a G-code file or even write something. You will then place what you’re engraving on under or in front of the Cubiio where it will use a light to show you the design area so you can easily line it up properly. And then you hit start. The process moves fairly quickly. For comparison, to engrave a name on a wooden spoon, it would take about 3 minutes. Where this takes an even more awesome turn, is you can power it with a typical power bank while you’re out and about. There are several safety aspects with Cubiio including passwords and safety glasses. A pledge of $499 gets you your own Cubiio sometime this November. You’ll also be thrilled to know that all stretch goals were reached so you not only do you get everything you need to run Cubiio, you also get a beginner’s pack that has materials for you to engrave on, an extra pair of goggles and a tripod to up your engraving game.

Get it.