Coolala Portable Air Conditioner

Coolala Portable Air Conditioner Price

I’ve been wanting an easily portable air conditioner for a long time, and it looks like battery and other technology has finally advanced to give it to us. This is the first one I’ve seen that runs for a long time, is small, and can actually put out cooling power. The Coolala is a 3,500 BTU air conditioner that can run for up to 8 hours on its battery or all day with the solar panel that can put out 100 watts of energy. All that and it is only 7 pounds, looks cool, and comes with a power bank that can charge all your other devices at the same time. Hello sleeping in in your tent! No need to escape your teardrop trailer at dawn to avoid cooking yourself. Pledge about $491 to get the early bird pricing that comes with the air conditioner, solar panels, and power bank.

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