Clinicloud Medical Kit

I’ll spare you my personal feelings towards the health care insurance industry and just say this: anything to help alleviate costs for the smaller visits for things such as colds, coughs and low fevers, is much appreciated. Of course this isn’t a home doctor and you will still need medical attention if you’re not feeling well, but this could help ease stress about caring for children, parents, friends, etc. A quick and easy way to make sure everything is looking good or at least not too bad. The¬†Clinicloud Medical Kit comes with an FDA approved thermometer that doesn’t have to make contact with skin – it can be used up to 2 inches away for an accurate reading. Don’t wake the sleeping baby, say what! You also get a stethoscope that records audio in your chest and lungs and then you can send it off for a telemedicine appointment (some insurances even cover this). After recording, you save the data to the app or cloud and can make profiles for each family member and then easily share. This will be $150 well spent and with Amazon Prime you can get it asap!

Get it.