Biki Underwater Drone

While your flying drones fight to stay in the air for 15 minutes, you have this new Biki drone that can run for up to 90-120 minutes at depths of up to 196 ft. almost silently while feeding 4k ultra HD video back up to you on the surface, shore, or down below right next to the drone. That kind of run time and distance with a 32 GB onboard memory will let you do some real exploration. Whether you need to check out the status of the hull or suss out a new cliff jumping spot that can’t be easily accessed without jumping, the Biki can be more than just fun, it can be useful too. Instead of a traditional prop or jet, the Biki uses a fishtail back and forth motion that you would think would ruin the video, but that video compensates for the shake to give you steady footage. Very cool. You can get one with a pledge of $599.

Get it.