Beyond Zero Alcohol Ice Machine

Beyond Zero price cost alcohol ice machine

You can’t freeze alcohol, right? Wrong! Soon, the wizards at Beyond Ice will be releasing their incredible machine that can freeze alcohol so you can drop high octane booze cubes in that scotch that’s older than you without watering it down. Available in single serving for the average home or fully automatic for restaurants, bars and better than average homes, the machine drops the temperature on that hooch so low you can’t put the cubes right in your mouth or even drink from the glass immediately after putting them in there. Liability? What are you a cry baby? If your guests aren’t smart enough to realize booze so cold it is in solid form isn’t going to play nice with their lips straight outta the machine, it may be a lesson they need to learn the hard way. Or, if you are really responsible, you could use it as instructed and make sure everyone knows the potential danger. Which method you choose will say a lot. No word on price yet, but short of mortgaging the house, you need to do what you can to own one.

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