APC UPS Network Backup

Every memory I have of the power going out when I was a kid is a fun one. We’d find all the candles throughout the house and light them. Find games to play, tell stories and really just hang out with our parents. I’m sure my parents remember it with a slightly different twist, like 100 degree Arizona nights or kids running wild screaming. But life is different now. We are connected to the digital world and rely on it in most cases. I know I certainly rely on technology in emergency situations. That’s why the APC UPS Network Backup is something great to have in your home or office. The built in rechargeable battery detects when the power is out and fires up to give you 4.5 hours of backup time for your network connected devices, including your modem and router. There are 3 2-prong outlets and 3 USB ports so you can recharge the necessary devices as needed. I take advantage of any reason why my kids, souse and I HAVE to put down the technology so when the power goes out that is certainly one of them but having something like the APC UPS Network Backup is wonderful so we can stay connected to the outside world in emergency situations or extended periods of time. The family game then becomes which parent gives up first and wants to go to their Mom’s house… This will be $40 you won’t regret spending the next time the power is out.

Get it.