Amazon Cloud Cam

It wouldn’t be another day in this crazy world if Amazon wasn’t announcing some life-revolutionizing technology. Today we are learning about the Amazon Cloud Cam. To start with technology we’re familiar with: the camera is 1080p Full HD, lets you see clearly in the dark and has two-way audio. As motions are detected, you get live alerts with 24 hours of cloud storage for free. There’s integrated Alexa so you can ask to have live feeds and clips on your compatible device (Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablet, Echo Show, or Echo Spot). A new service Amazon is unleashing is Amazon Key. With a smart lock, package delivery people can use their special access to open your front door and leave your package inside. You camera will catch the whole situation so you can feel comfortable knowing your house and package are safe. We could debate all day about privacy issues but at the end of the day – this is still amazing technology that you can chose to use or not. The Amazon Cloud Cam releases November 8 so you can pre-order now for $120. There are more options to upgrade to a paid plan and purchase more cameras so definitely click through, browse and order. 

Get it.