ALL Controller

Wouldn’t it be so awesome to have one controller that works for all the games you play on various platforms? Well, now it’s reality thanks to the ALL Controller. It works with consoles, computers and cell phones of all kinds and is fully customizable so you can tweak and set every feature, button, joy stick exactly how you want it. The interface is simple and easy to use so you can get your settings just right for each platform. There is a Kickstarter campaign underway to bring this controller to the masses. The dongle ensure you have PlayStation and XBOX connectivity while Nintendo Wii, WiiU and Switch compatibility to come. The 11 USB drivers will provide wireless connectivity with any¬†Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android game. So really, this controller works with all the games you play. An $80 pledge gets you the package with all the connection options including the dongle.

Get it.