AIRMEGA Smart Air Purifier

You know you’ve reached a whole new level of adult when the latest must-have technology on your wishlist includes a smart air filter. We’re not judging you, in fact we support that statement 100%! I mean, you SHOULD care about the air you breath especially when it’s in an environment you can control, such as your home. The AIRMEGA Smart Air Purifier keeps your air clean and fresh in a manner that’s effortless for you. The device is constantly monitoring your air and adjusts fan speeds to match the needed filtering. It uses smart mode to stay effective while saving energy so after 10 minutes of clean air scans, it shuts off until needed again. It also respects your quiet time and will run at low speeds at night so you can rest easy. Light indicators let you know when it’s time to clean or replace filters. The companion apps gives you real time stats and it’s also compatible with Alexa, because that’s what we’re all about these days. The pictured white version is $750 and works for up to 1560 sq. ft. There are a few other options so definitely compare to see what works best for you. 

Get it.