AirBay AirPod Phone Case

AirBay Phone Air Pod Case

If you have an iPhone and AirPods, you need to rush over and back this campaign for the AirBay¬†AirPod phone case. It is a solid iPhone 7 and 7 plus case that holds your AirPods so you don’t lose them! How has no one thought of this before? No idea. It’s awesome that Kalyx Designs did and is bringing it to us. The pods slide into slots at the top of the case and click into place so they don’t come out until you’re ready to take them out. If you’re super quick you can get one for a $20 pledge. If you miss that, you’ll still be able to get one for $25.

The case will be available in a number of colors that you can choose after the campaign. The case will retail for $40 after the campaign, so the campaign price is a great deal. I know a lot of people who have held off on using AirPods only because they’re afraid they’ll use them. It’s slim (thinner than a deck of cards), lightweight, durable, and easy to snap the AirPods and phone in and out without compromising security.

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AirPod Phone Case