Air Dogs ADII Hand-Free Drone

Air Dogs II ADII Hands Free Drone PRice

So it begins. The Airdog ADII is one of the first drones for the retail market that is clearly dedicated to a specific niche of general user. Bear with me. Just like cell phones, I think we’re going to start seeing a spider web effect in the drone market with niche markets being targeted with drones that have features perfect for them but won’t be of interest to other users. The ADII is a hands-free drone designed for action in any weather an in any terrain. It’s not the cheapest drone at a $1,500 retail price ($1,099 kickstarter), so general users will want something cheaper. For action sports athletes, the ADII will be a godsend. Its follow me technology looks top notch and will allow you to have a drone that can get a little wet, stay up in stiff winds, get a little muddy and generally follow you around like a flying dog with an action camera on a gimbal. It folds up for easy transport, can get up to about 45 mph, and can take a bit of a beating. It follows the digital leash wrapped around your arm and can get you a variety of shots like steady follow, circle, and more. Check out the kickstarter¬†campaign for more info.

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