Under $25

SanDisk Dual Type C USB Drive

SanDisk Dual USB

SanDisk is out with another much needed device. This 32GB USB drive is reversible with a standard male connection on one end and a…

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Barefoot Bucha kombucha

Barefoot Bucha

So your acupuncturist and yoga instructor have been telling you about kombucha, but you’re skeptical? I understand. Most of the crap you can get,…

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Aloha Lawless Beef Jerky

Lawless Beef Jerky

There’s no shortage of options out there for beef jerky. Like craft beers and small batch whiskey, a lot of effort goes into the…

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PPK wooden semi-automatic Rubberband Gun

THE Rubberband Gun

This white oak masterpiece is semi-automatic, comes in walnut as well, and is just the beginning of a line of these bad boys that…

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