Under $25

Clippa Hair Clip Multi Tool Price Cost

Clippa Lady

Guys, this is the gift that will help your girl understand your addiction to EDC stuff. This little hair clip has a ruler, nail…

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Super Mario Pipe Mug Price Cost

Mario Pipe Mug

Thank you ThinkGeek for making this awesome ceramic Super Mario Brothers Pipe mug. It looks just like the real deal and holds 15 oz…

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Airhook Price Cost


The airhook gives you a drink holder and mobile device stand for any airplane seat. Would you rather use the filthy tray? Me either….

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Grenade Ice Cube Mold Price Cost

Ice Grenades

There’s no end to the clever ice options out there, and if you aren’t going to be making your own, you might like the…

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Tooletries Price Cost


I’m surprised how few of this kind of thing there are out there. The Mighty Toothbrush Holder from Tooletries is a bathroom caddy to…

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Zip Chip Frisbee Price Cost

Zip Chip Frisbee

The Zip Chip is a tiny keychain sized frisbee is an awesome little frisbee that you chuck like you would skip a stone, and…

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Droplet Waterproof Bag Price Cost


The Droplet from Matador is like a tiny version of those reusable grocery bags but for all the little stuff you don’t want to…

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Throttle Rocker Price Cost

Throttle Rocker

This $7 piece of plastic can do worlds of good for your wrist if you ride long distances. By giving you more surface area…

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